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“Like 1984 meets One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”    Ben Lett, London

“The characters this book throws up are fascinating, the overwhelming lead character a visionary politician very much in the George Carlin mould. It’ll make you question every facet of society and life in the 21st century. I urge people to buy it, it’s easy to relate to with what is going on in this world. Books that speak for a generation disillusioned with politics”      Mike Parker, Birmingham

“The first book hints at a great series. Incredibly thought-provoking, Frank Noon’s unique take on life in the late 21st century is as relevant now as it might be then. Gripping storylines and unique funny characters”       Tom Coles, Bletchley

“If you’re disenchanted with society you’ll love this book, simple as that. It hints at a new society based on equality, kindness, science and reason, and if you hate modern politicians chances are you’ll love Frank Noon!”      Yvonne Ronish, London

“Before this series I had only ever read three books in my life. Upon reading these books I bought copies for my friends as it made me think for weeks. It shows how a society should and could be fairly run”      Brian Lewis, Redruth