The Alternative Christmas Message

As sure as your Nan being a little racist at some point on Christmas Day, the subject of The Bible is one that can invoke debate like no other book in history. I shall try and briefly entertain you with my take on it in the form of an alternative Christmas message... read more


This is my first blog for a month or so, partly because I’m incredibly busy finishing the second book in The Chronicles of Hope series (2083, out in October), partly because an annoying reminder in my timetable keeps prompting me I need to write a blog (for search... read more

Outrageous Nonsense

A quick search on google for the word outraged in just the last week throws up the following offerings. Russia outraged at Latvia ban on Soviet symbols, Neighbours outraged at Lakeview police (I assume not the tv programme), Educators outraged at visa price hikes,... read more

Freedom Of Speech

If you work for the Daily Telegraph, kill yourself. There is no rationalisation for what you do and you are Satan’s little helpers, filling the world with violent garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourself it’s the only way to save your fucking... read more

A Kind Of Hope For Mankind?

If you’re kind to people most things get easier in life. Whether it’s calculated or not, selfless or merely because it makes you feel better about yourself, the end justifies the means as it’ll open doors and often fuel reciprocal kindness. What’s more it’s something... read more


There can’t be many things more galling in this world than pretentious children. On my tube the other day there was a child, floppy looking and no older than 8, who thought he was it. He initially caught my attention by reading a paper in an adult manner. He held it... read more