As sure as your Nan being a little racist at some point on Christmas Day, the subject of The Bible is one that can invoke debate like no other book in history. I shall try and briefly entertain you with my take on it in the form of an alternative Christmas message shrouded in atheism and plagiarism.

To me it’s undeniable that Religion has restricted our growth as a species, it’s undeniable that over the years more people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason, and it’s undeniable that if these religious folk chose to love one another rather than an imaginary God the world would be a better place. That should be the simple Christmas message right there. However, since the start of The Chronicles Of Hope series hardly a week has gone by without receiving abuse from religious individuals who can’t accept my right to an opinion. Whether being called a ‘gaytheist’, or being told that if God doesn’t call going to punish me he will call coming back, it seems religious people have a tendency to get fabulously offended.

So let’s look at their mantra. I could try and write increasingly hard-hitting literature for the next fifty years (I’m not going to as it would send me insane), and I would still not reach anywhere near the influence of the most successful Science Fiction book of all time, yes The Bible. I could never criticise it as a fine work of literature. The Bible is incredibly well written, an epic masterpiece. Some of the proverbs in there are original, great and visionary. Also it’s given us so many great ideas and lessons on how to form a society, so we should be grateful for that. The depth of imagination involved in the fiction is also laudable. Imagining that there’s this invisible man in the sky, an invisible man who watches over us, a man with a list of ten things we shouldn’t do, that if we do any of these ten things we’ll go to hell (*plagiarism* *Carlin*). That depth of character creation is commendable. From this good start though I think they then missed a trick, ‘they’ probably being the religious and political bigwigs who got together to write this masterpiece a few thousand years ago. The God in the Old Testament is a jealous, petty, vindictive, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, genocidal bully (*plagiarism* *dawkins*). If they had just sharpened up this character development the legacy of religion and the path it set humanity onto could have been so different. Why didn’t they make this God a nice humanitarian man? Or better still a woman, given that 99% of all the negativity in this world was established or initiated by men. We’ll probably never know the answer. Maybe they were evil visionaries who wanted the book to create divisions within society, keeping the little folk fighting amongst themselves, and thus allowing the rich and powerful to become even more rich and powerful. Or maybe that gives them too much credit, that we were simply less intellectually advanced beings then so the character creation was just naively inept and short-sighted. Regardless, the consequences of the book will always be negative, given that the impact has been to brainwash, control, and restrict the development of our species.

Given that you only live once for 80 odd years Jean Paul Sartre probably had the right idea, a man so thoroughly atheist that he believed the whole subject of God to be beneath discussion. Just enjoy your life, do what you want as long as it hurts no one else, and be kind to people, there’s the alternative christmas message. There’s more goodness at the heart of that than the intent of all Ten Commandments put together.