If you work for the Daily Telegraph, kill yourself. There is no rationalisation for what you do and you are Satan’s little helpers, filling the world with violent garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourself it’s the only way to save your fucking soul. That’s of course paraphrasing Bill Hicks’ rant against marketing, and also my rant against the daily mail, but the fuel to this fire is that the Daily Telegraph last week removed a blog of mine from their website and suspended my account indefinitely. The blog in question was one about kindness and how everyone should seek to be kind to each other during their one life on Earth, highlighting both the selfless and selfish perks of doing so. I reiterated my belief that I’ve never thought Religion to be a great promoter of the simple human act that would drive moral emphasis in a utopian society, that act of being kind, given that the God in the Old Testament a jealous, petty, vindictive, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and genocidal bully. Ok I got a little got carried away, largely because I love antagonizing conservative telegraph types (I’d employ a homosexual dance troupe to follow them around 24/7 given the necessary funding). Feeling the need to query the suspension they replied with the following email: Dear Mr Breeze, thank you for contacting us, following your recent enquiry I can confirm that your access is now restricted. We are unable to enter into any further discussion/dispute regarding actions taken against users.

So that’s that, the telegraph establishment and their stuffy readership obviously don’t take kindly to having their cowardly, traditional, narrow-minded opinions questioned. More of a worry than my personal anguish is the fact that this week another person was sentenced for a joke tweet, following on from the other well publicized cases over the last couple of years with children being jailed for posting about riots on facebook and for joking about missing schoolgirls on facebook. Not only should a civilized society never be allowed to imprison someone for having an opinion, however morally abhorrent that opinion might be, how worrying is it that a lot of people don’t seem intelligent enough to grasp the concept of a joke? It’s pretty basic, when someone says something to you as a joke most commonly they don’t mean what they say, or they are exaggerating what they say for comic effect. If you mean what you say then it’s not a joke. If the subject, observer, or listener of any joke understands this then they surely shouldn’t take offence. Having a sense of humour is essential in this world we currently live in to shield yourself from the injustice and reality of the mess that surrounds us. If an evolved 21st century human being doesn’t understand this and the concept of a joke then they will simply join the ranks of those with no sense of humour who spend their lives getting offended. It’s a vicious cycle full of offence (picture any banker on a Boris bike), a negative feeling which you can choose not to experience. The hope is that people will question more and uncover more situations of such hypocrisy and injustice. The hope is that people will challenge situations where freedom of speech injustices occur. Frankie Boyle did exactly this not so long ago and thankfully won his case. The hope is that the wider public will take on board that it doesn’t matter if the majority consider an opinion to vile, misguided, or ignorant; that they are all just opinions. Everyone has the freedom of choice to disagree with an opinion rather than get offended by it. And if the subject isn’t wise enough to do this then let’s all make jokes about and laugh at these morons who choose to get offended, just to make ourselves feel a little more sane.

It seems that the world is under an increasingly oppressive cloud and rule, edging ever closer to an Orwellian existence, with the revelation this week that the US government have been collecting personal data such as phone records for a number of years. In ‘2082’, the first book in The Chronicles of Hope trilogy, this invasion of privacy and freedoms is exploited in the crudest manner possible by the ruling classes around the world. With overpopulation the biggest burden in late 21st century society, humans decide to utilise newly found planets that are habitable for human life. With the decision made to populate such planets with undesirable members of society, Frank Noon’s brief is to manage and rehabilitate a group of people who have been weeded out by a personality machine that collates personal data.

‘2082’ is an Amazon bestselling book and is still just 99p for a limited time. I’m fighting to keep it that way for a good while longer, with my intention merely that people think about some of the topics raised. As long as people keep spreading the word as wide as possible it’ll help me keep the price as low as I can for as long as I can. Thanks