If you work for the Daily Mail, kill yourself. There is no rationalization for what you do and you are Satan’s little helpers, filling the world with violent garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourself it’s the only way to save your fucking soul. That’s of course paraphrasing Bill Hicks’ rant against marketing but the parallels are there, and I’d suggest the influence of Mail run newspapers is just as negative an influence on society. The Mail’s headline the other day was ‘18 months after riots that shocked britain just 15 out of 200 convicted foreigners have been deported’. What difference does this make to anything, how can that ever be the point? Get these 15 foreigners out of the country and that’s it problem solved, we can sleep easy? If that’s the case and this happening would actually make you feel a little better about things then again, please kill yourself. That’s their world view in a nutshell, as long as it doesn’t affect us in our nice little developed country then who cares. I remember a headline during the Libyan crisis when Gadaffi was riding roughshod over his people that said ‘Get our people out of Libya’. Yeah, who cares about the Libyans as long as our lot are ok. Again if you think like this then you are evil, please kill yourself.

We seem intelligent enough to understand that a lot of what is written in tabloid newspapers is sensationalist at best, untrue at worst. That we’ve then allowed ourselves as a culture to become obsessed by the celebrity and scaremongering that such papers thrust in our face at every opportunity is akin to brainwashing. Their influence is so far reaching that the government actually seem to sometimes form policies and even legislation off the back of newspaper campaigns. The Daily Mail, Metro and Evening Standard (the latter two distributed for free in London thus broadening their influence further) seem obsessed by binge drinking. You can’t go a week without one or all of these rags publishing pictures and stories about young people drinking vast amounts of alcohol and then either squatting in the street or punching a granny in the face. As these papers slam the ‘binge drinking culture’, the right-wing readership rage against something that has most likely never directly affected their lives. The government then brings in policy after policy to try and curb this ‘threat’ to society. The facts are irrelevant, and figures will be twisted to make their sensationalist point. We’re actually drinking less than we ever have done in this country and it’s been on a natural downward trend forever, we don’t need to introduce narrow-minded short-term policies or legislation on top of that that penalize everyone.

The Daily Mail’s ethos is insular, divisive, self-important and full of hypocrisy (raging against the sexualisation of children then stacking their website full of the offending images). Each article in is written by cowards to be read by cowards. If they’re not shoving into our faces obscure things that can kill us, they’ll go with the obvious things like smoking or cancer. They’ve created a population of people who are scared of everything. Scared of foreigners and those people different to themselves (xenophobia or racism anyone?), scared of gay marriage, gay people, scared of disease and germs, scared of benefit scroungers (but not the criminal ruling class that regularly thieve money off the state using tax havens and loopholes), scared about their diet, scared about drugs (legal or not), scared of terrorists and especially overseas dictators (despite the fact that the leader of our own country often ticks both those boxes if you happened to have been born in a different country).

So, these poisonous, evil, narrow-minded, self important hypocrits, who are they exactly? Well they’re intelligent human beings. If they’re intelligent enough to put pen to paper and write a cogent article (albeit one aimed at easy ageing prey) then they’re intelligent enough to be aware daily that they’re wasting their lives by actively making the world worse and are aware of the power they possess. They sold their soul the day they agreed to work for The Mail or The Sun, and let’s hope this realisation weighs heavy on their minds daily. The hope is that as a species we’ll evolve to have bigger balls as well as bigger brains, that when we see a headline like ‘30p on cost of pint can cut deaths by a third’ we know instinctively that it’s untrue. It’s impossible to speculate whether there is a more sinister link between the paper and government propaganda, but it can make a difference if we refuse to buy such trash.

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