Was Jesus a Plagiariser?

That’s a hook and a half, now what to do with it. Religion’s a concept that irritates me so much I have to consciously edit it out of my brain so as not to just arrogantly sneer at every religious contention. Jean-Paul Sartre took that arrogance a step further, a man so thoroughly an atheist that he rarely mentioned it and considered the topic of God to be beneath discussion. Though I can match his level of atheism I currently have the standing of a no legged dwarf so, as much as i’m tempted to plaster it on a t-shirt, hang around outside a church, and thrust my chest into the face of sheltered Sunday morning choirists as they leave, I guess I’ll have to take my medicine and offer evidence-based conclusions. Probably for the best as who knows how a choirister would react to a thrusting chest.

It is now undeniable that we evolved and weren’t created. Scientific advances over the last couple of hundred years have been such that the evidence is now clear to that end, and will only become clearer still over the next few hundred years. Currently we know that the big bang was approximately 13 BILLION years ago. That the sun ignited and the solar system began to take shape about 5 BILLION years ago. That molten Earth and the Moon were formed over 4 BILLION years ago. That insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals were all present 100 MILLION years ago. That Homo Habilis inhabited parts of the Earth 2 MILLION years ago and that it’s 200 THOUSAND years since humans started looking like they do today. If you don’t accept any of the this and blindly ignore FACTS based on UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE then you can leave the room and re-concern yourself with feeling venemous towards two men in love, or think about how to con money out of vulnerable people.

Those religious folk of a sane mind responded to this UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE by claiming that evolution is compatible with their version of events. Slipping into their shoes for a bit I not only feel about as comfortable as a horse in Tescos but I also note that the key point of their contention is that anytime between 2 and 8 THOUSAND years ago, a full 192 THOUSAND years after humans started to look like they do today, Jesus was born. Well that’s it then, there’s the answer. No need to assess further, for the purpose of answering the question about his plagiarism it’s an open and shut case, I can leave the room and re-concern myself myself with feeling venemous towards anyone in love, and think about how to con money out of my employer.

It’s a conclusion that Frank Noon comes to in the first book in The Chronicles Of Hope trilogy, ‘2082’. Having found himself tasked with fronting an experimental intergalactic project, Frank quickly declares his want for an atheist society revolving around notions of science and reason rather than religion and superstition. It doesn’t sit well with Nigel, a vicar also banished to Planet Muta, and in the debate that follows Frank hits on the point that Jesus must have just actively plagiarised evolution and passed it off as his own work given that as a species we were already here, growing and developing.

If you visit the homepage you can now read the first chapter for free and see why his speech on why religion is a bigger threat to the Earth than global warming caused such a stir and led to him being offered the lucrative assignment on Muta. There’s also an interview with Frank where you can get to know him a little better. ‘2082’ is out on March 11th, and will be just 96p to buy in ebook format for the first few weeks.

N.B. I’m well aware that i may not have got some of the religious points spot on, but it doesn’t alter the timeline of evolution. I’m a bit like Jean-Paul Sartre in my attitude towards religious education and some of the points probably highlight that i don’t even know the difference between Jesus and God. I refuse to fill my head with useless knowledge like that, it’s akin to reading this.

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